Sex and Consent, Bro to Bro

In No 'I' in Sex, artist Toby Morris wishes he'd had better advice about sex and dating when he was a kid. Treating sex like a sport or a conquest is harmful to all involved, he says.  He offers his own advice to the youth of today.  Speaking bro-to-bro, Morris' message is clear and respectful.

The stories & activism behind Priya’s Shakti

More interesting than the superhero-style comic book that anchors the Priya's Shakti project, at least for me, are a series of audio interviews with assault victims that influenced writers Devineni & Menon in crafting the heroine's fictionalized story.  Illustrated videos of these interviews are included in the "augmented reality" content viewable on a smartphone app, but I found... Continue Reading →

Disney Princesses for Sexual Abuse Awareness?

Released in 2014, this series of images by Syrian artist Saint Hoax shows Disney princesses kissing their fathers, or their fathers kissing them.  Intended to bring attention to child sex abuse by relatives,  the image captions state that 46% of minors who are sexually assaulted are victims of family members.  I don't love looking at... Continue Reading →

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