One goal of Grab Back Comics is to catalog comics about sexual assault, as many as I can find, from many sources.  Please contribute original work by submitting a new comic.

Browse comics:

Articles that discuss comics, comic culture, and the use of comics in discussions of sexual assault

Book reviews of print and digital work, written just for this blog.  Posted monthly.

Comic strips from newspapers, etc.  When sexual assault is in the news, daily and weekly strips often often have something to say about it!

First Person stories from sexual assault survivors, witnesses, and allies.

Info comics on topics involving sexual assault, like consent, sex education, and legal issues.

Interviews with artists, writers and assault survivors who have been brave enough to tell personal stories.

Satire comics, taking familiar work in a new direction.

Single panel comics, including editorial comics.  There are more editorial comics online than I can post here, so I include links to online collections in each post.

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