The Teen Years

Hi friends.

I’ve decided to put the Ten Years anthology on hold for now.  Things have changed so much in the past year.  Voices of radical women and queers, along with the MeToo movement, have advanced the conversation about rape culture beyond what I ever imagined possible.

TBH, I’m just not sure what approach to take to the Teen Years anthology.   As my daughter turns 13 this year and I watch her and her classmates respond to this complex reality, I’m baffled and fascinated.  What would be the most meaningful and useful work that we could offer teens?  If you have any thoughts on that, I welcome them!  Please get in touch!

For now, I’ll resume updating the blog with original work and comics from many corners of the world.

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Seeking comics for teen readers
by teens & former teens for our upcoming anthology
Grab Back Comics: The Teen Years

Tell your story in a comic!

GBC teen call color small

Most of us have a story about sexual harassment, violence, or living with rape culture.
“I felt like I couldn’t talk about what happened.”
“I told someone and they believed me.”
“When I said #metoo, this is what I meant.”
“Someone used sexual language to bully me.”
“My friend said it was no big deal, but I knew it was.”
“My intuition helped me avoid a bad situation.”
“Unwanted attention made me change my life.”
“I wish I’d heard this story when I was younger.”
“My friends and I have a plan to help us stay safe.”

Or make a 1-page piece using collage, drawing or whatever about…
My safe place as a teen
My safe person, who I could really talk to
My inspiring, angry, rebellious response to rape culture

Story + Artist Matchups!!
Have a story to tell but don’t want to draw it yourself?
Want to draw a story but don’t have one to tell?
Let me know! I’m doing story + artist matchups!
Email me at grab.back.comics (at)

Deadline May 1, 2018!

How to submit your work

     black & white pages
     size: 7”h x 5”w
     file type: jpg, tiff, or PSD
     resolution: 300 dpi or greater

Contact me if you have any questions at all! 

Your friend,
Erma B.
grab.back.comics (at)

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