The Teen Years

Seeking comics for teen readers
by teens & former teens for our upcoming anthology
Grab Back Comics: The Teen Years

Tell your story in a comic!

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Most of us have a story about sexual harassment, violence, or living with rape culture.
“I felt like I couldn’t talk about what happened.”
“I told someone and they believed me.”
“When I said #metoo, this is what I meant.”
“Someone used sexual language to bully me.”
“My friend said it was no big deal, but I knew it was.”
“My intuition helped me avoid a bad situation.”
“Unwanted attention made me change my life.”
“I wish I’d heard this story when I was younger.”
“My friends and I have a plan to help us stay safe.”

Or make a 1-page piece using collage, drawing or whatever about…
My safe place as a teen
My safe person, who I could really talk to
My inspiring, angry, rebellious response to rape culture

Story + Artist Matchups!!
Have a story to tell but don’t want to draw it yourself?
Want to draw a story but don’t have one to tell?
Let me know! I’m doing story + artist matchups!
Email me at grab.back.comics (at)

Deadline May 1, 2018!

How to submit your work

     black & white pages
     size: 7”h x 5”w
     file type: jpg, tiff, or PSD
     resolution: 300 dpi or greater

Contact me if you have any questions at all! 

Your friend,
Erma B.
grab.back.comics (at)

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