How Rape Makes Women Poorer

Political cartoonist Barry Deutsch strikes again with this comic inspired by a story about the "rape tax" by Amanda Taub at Vox.  Do concerns for personal safety impact decisions that women make about professional collaborations?  Taub says yes, and the implications of those decisions are ultimately limiting to women's careers.

Tough Love from RobotHugs

How to be a Perfect Rape Victim.  The emotionally honest geniuses at Robot Hugs made a devastating comic about how frustrating and demoralizing it is to report a sexual assault. The heartbreaking message: If you don't respond to your rape in the right way, you're just not credible. RobotHugs writes: "When I do comics for other... Continue Reading →

Sex and Consent, Bro to Bro

In No 'I' in Sex, artist Toby Morris wishes he'd had better advice about sex and dating when he was a kid. Treating sex like a sport or a conquest is harmful to all involved, he says.  He offers his own advice to the youth of today.  Speaking bro-to-bro, Morris' message is clear and respectful.

The strength to confront it

"How do you admit you’re a man who was sexually assaulted?"  editorial comics artist Chris Kindred asks in his short comic My Black Skin Is Not An Invitation on Matter. This beautiful piece uses the comics form flawlessly, walking the reader through the morning after the assault, his friends' reactions, and his own framing and reframing of the experience.  Kindred... Continue Reading →

Consent analogies, deconstructed

What's your favorite analogy for consent?  Borrowing $5?  Drinking tea?  Lending someone your car?  All of these analogies have become popular online.  In "There Has To Be A Better Way To End Rape Culture" Anna Hundert discusses how these descriptions both succeed and fail to capture the problems at the heart of rape culture. These exchange-based analogies for consent,... Continue Reading →

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