Even a parka doesn’t stop them!

Meredith Gran at Octopus Pie riffs on real life in NYC.  She writes "New York is a city that never shuts down, and the lechers are no exception. In my time away from the city I’d forgotten just how persistent they are, even in the coldest weather. Those brave souls."

Start ’em early!

Artist Ursa Eyer follows a girl from "cute" at age 4 to "sexy" at age 21, and beyond, in the comic Cat Call on Huffington Post. Innocuous compliments make way for full-force street harassment.

Let us harness the power of cats!

XKCD puts a woman in control of the universe, and it feels so good. This quick joke is worth the effort, even if you end up relying on the artist's explanation, like I did. Title text: Effect strength => [unstoppable] | Effect range => [2 miles] | Effect duration => [1 year] From the XKCD wiki:... Continue Reading →

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