Namibian comics aim to help assault victims and those falsely accused

From The Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia comes a series of comics that instruct readers on how to identify, report, and respond to cases of abuse and sexual assault. These are fascinating reads — the goal of each comic is to assist the victim of a crime, whether it is a suspected assailant who has been falsely accused, or a woman whose rape was witnessed by others.

Namibia comic 2The comics are distributed in national newspapers: “Each comic is placed in the newspaper – the English and Oshiwambo versions in The Namibian, and the Afrikaans version in Die Republikein. The largest coverage is achieved through placement in The Nambian – the newspaper estimates that it has a readership of 320 000 on weekdays and 400 000 on a Friday. To place our publications as inserts means that we have instant national impact to almost one quarter of the population.”

namibia comic 3

30 titles are listed on the website, including:

Rape: Should I Withdraw a Rape Case?
How to Get a Protection Order
If You Really Loved Me… The Problem with Date Rape
Bail in Rape Cases
Identifying Situations of Child Abuse
Rape in Marriage (no link available, but the cover can be seen on the website)
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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