Peter Parker, too?

In 1984, future Spider-Man Peter Parker’s story of sexual abuse was told in a free PSA comic produced by Marvel Comics in cooperation with the National Committee on the Prevention of Child Abuse.  Jared at writes a heartfelt review of the comic that he read as a kid, and now revisits as an adult.

A young Peter Parker gets some unsolicited attention from Skip, in “Spider-Man and Power Pack”

Jared also has some thoughts on an ad in another Spider-Man comic that offers “Tips on Ways to Prevent Sexual Abuse”.  Jared writes, “This well-intentioned PSA does a little to get the ball rolling, but it may raise more questions in youthful minds than it answers. It did for me.”

Ad from a 1984 Spider-Man comic.  The text box on the lower right announces the release of the “Spider-Man and Power Pack” issue (first image on this post) dedicated to stories about childhood sexual abuse.

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