Let us harness the power of cats!

XKCD puts a woman in control of the universe, and it feels so good.

This quick joke is worth the effort, even if you end up relying on the artist’s explanation, like I did.

XKCD catcallingTitle text: Effect strength => [unstoppable] | Effect range => [2 miles] | Effect duration => [1 year]

From the XKCD wiki:

Catcalling” refers to the act of whistling or shouting to express sexual interest in a person, and often constitutes harassment. Annoyed by this practice, Megan alters the Universe Control Console to create a setting in which catcalling actually attracts cats (as the name implies), thus resulting in the catcaller being harassed by the overwhelming feline presence, instead of the other way around, likely in an attempt to discourage the act.

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